Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 

Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 

  • Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 
  • Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 
  • Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 
  • Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 
  • Water Absorbing Resin For Widely Usage In Home 
Packaging: standard export carton 

Product Description

1. Thisproduct is substitute for ice, and its usage effect is better than ordinary iceby several times. Cooperate with heat preservation bags, boxes, boxes, barrelscan effectively keep the food fresh, it is suitable for school, work, outdoorwork, outdoor activities, travel, etc.
2. it iswidely used in aquatic products, flowers, fruits and other transportation oftemperature sensitive products. Can also be used for medical care (cold),sports, health care, beauty skin care and other fields.
3. Thisarticle selects the high and new technology configuration of biologicalmaterials, and meet food grade standards, health environmental protection.Products of the gel is non-toxic harmless non-pollution composition, the packingcan prevent bacteria, mold and mildew growth in the container.
4. Frozen cold storagequantity is high, the cooling performance is high, long duration, widely used incooling care, breast milk, and medical supplies, agricultural products, freshfood cold storage and transportation

product purpose
1. Medical use: refrigerated transport all kinds of biologicalreagents, pharmaceuticals, serum, vaccines, etc
2. Home care: physical cooling antifebrile, hemostatic, coldfall sprained, physical therapy to protect skin, etc
3. Refrigerated transport, poultry meat, fruit and vegetables,dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, beeproducts, cooked food and other kinds of goods transportation
4. Cold storage preservation: fresh breast milk, beer, drinkcold cold storage preservation, food and other goods
5. Bento preservation: summer, autumn bento is apt todeteriorate (or food). Can put ice packs (cold) and bento in ice package, lowtemperature, in keeping with the bento, eating as required to heat the bento toeat.
6, the car USES: can be used as car refrigerator, anytime,anywhere to enjoy the fresh tasty, refreshing and delicious drinks andfood.
7, outdoor USES: camping, barbecue, hiking, fishing, and keepcool when long-distance travel ideal food and beverage products.
8. Coolstorage power saving, energy saving province electricity; Refrigerator power isreleased when cold, prolong food fruits and vegetables fresh

Product efficacy
Put things andfreezing of "ice bag (cold)" in the airtight insulation bag (box), can make itspreservation. (using a slight change of time according to different environment,several times longer than ordinary ice thawing time), to resolve when it doesnot make a lot of, like ice condensation water, food not soaked bywater.

method of application
In therefrigerator frozen around 10 hours, used in heat preservation containertogether with the goods need to be refrigerated. Repeated freezing thawing, canbe used an infinite loop.

1 This product can not be heated, can use the available household cleaningagent to clean, can not be cleaned in the dishwasher.
2 Do not allow the weight of the products subject to deformation,damage
3 ice contents were not edible

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